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Post by Urban Strategies Blog Moderator, March 15, 2016

Presentation of Emerging Comprehensive Plan Directions now available for download!

View or download the presentation from last night’s event here.

A reference list of the image sources used in this presentation can be found at the end of the document.

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2 thoughts on “Presentation of Emerging Comprehensive Plan Directions now available for download!”

  1. Gary G. Nelson

    1. In a previous workshop, the existence of the old Prospect Park road, starting at Hill Street and following the contours around the southeastern edge of the Park was pointed out. This makes a logical, and available trail, and possibly a bike route that eases the trek up onto Congress. It is not shown in the current presentation.

    2. The importance of a rail connection and TOD in the south Troy industrial strip was also pointed out. There appears to be a “commuter station” designated in the 2003 plan, but no further mention in the current plan. Regarding rail, the need to retain a ROW that would extend along the River toward the CBD was also pointed out.

    3. Concepts for the area around the Green Island Bridge are commendable. Ar present, a continuous path is blocked by the tract that was given to the Bar B Que restaurant with no serious effort at a simple easement for a trail. Does anyone really think there will be the will to remake that whole area now for a continuous waterfront?

    1. Realize Troy

      Hi Gary,

      Many thanks for your comments. Your detailed feedback is appreciated and will be considered as we move into the final phase of our work.

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