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A new comprehensive plan

Post by Realize Troy, March 11, 2016

Attend our overview presentation and detailed workshops on the draft Plan directions!

We are very excited to be in Troy next week for the Comprehensive Plan overview session and detailed directions workshops.

To view or download the event flyer click here: Comprehensive Plan Directions Workshop

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4 thoughts on “Attend our overview presentation and detailed workshops on the draft Plan directions!”

  1. I’m unable to “Follow the Project”. When I enter my email address and click “Follow” I get a message to enter a valid email address

    1. Urban Strategies Blog Moderator

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your comment. Please send me a message at with your email address and I will have this resolved for you.

  2. Andrea Daley

    – It would be of great interest, tonight or tomorrow night, if your company could show a before and after of a previous city that you did a master plan for.

    – The powerpoint presentation was great; although a little long, and things went fast. I am looking forward to tonights presentation to go deeper in the “how to” and “by when” broken down into segments.

    – I saw what I think was a hotel located on Prospect Park. Great idea! I would like to suggest a sig-sag path coming down the south side of the hill into Troy Little Italy. It could be designed as the ones in Italy, with landscaping, art forms and benches. Would make a great attraction! Would bring attention to the park.

    – A detailed plan needs to be made for the infrastructure of the roads and water pipes for the whole city.

    – Since the majority of homes are well over 100 years, something needs to be said about rehabbing and reinforcement, so that we do not have this modern part, (keeping the look of the old) while these other building are falling down in 20 to 30 years.

    -With all the moves on Monroe and Burden, what about moving the jail to a rural area?

    Looking forward to tonight!


    1. Realize Troy

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your comments. We will take your feedback into consideration as we move forward with the development of the Comprehensive Plan. Please visit our firms website ( to learn more about our Master Planning work in other cities.

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