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After half a century, the City of Troy has embarked on an exciting new initiative:  the creation of a new Comprehensive Plan to best position the City for success and prosperity in the 21st century.  The Comprehensive Plan will be developed through significant public consultation and will establish a clear community based vision and action plan to guide the city’s overall development over the next 20 years addressing both the current and future needs of the community.  The Comprehensive Plan will chart a clear roadmap for the future of the city and it will guide municipal decision-making, investment, development, and land use planning. As part of the Comprehensive Plan process, a Downtown Economic Development Strategy (DEDS) and a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) will also be developed to ensure that these unique assets can be strengthened to deliver new social, cultural, recreational and economic opportunities to the broad community.  All of the plans will be supported by robust implementation strategies with established criteria and metrics to assist in measuring plan success and achievements over time. The planning process presents an important opportunity to demonstrate bold leadership and innovation while strengthening the quality of life the city offers and its competitive advantage as a dynamic and desirable place to live, work, invest and recreate.


The Comprehensive Plan process will consider a broad range of important topics that are necessary for the creation of a healthy, inclusive and vibrant community. To be successful, the plan needs to reflect the values and aspirations of Troy’s citizens.  The planning process will create numerous opportunities for you to make your voice heard as well as listen to the views of your fellow citizens and neighbors to create a truly locally grown, ‘made in Troy’ plan. A project launch will be held in the fall of 2014 providing an introduction to the overall study process, goals and outcomes and providing an opportunity to gather citizen input on important topics such as social well-being, economic development, the environment, neighborhoods and housing, and the Downtown and Waterfront.  A multiple day City Summit will be held in the spring of 2015 inviting detailed citizen input on Troy’s strengths, weaknesses and key opportunities, followed by focus group sessions on key themed topics.  In the spring of 2015, citizens will be invited to provide comments and feedback on the emerging vision and framework of city wide strategies, big moves, and place-specific strategies and the final Comprehensive Plan, DEDS and LWRP are expected to be completed in early, 2016.  Keep an eye on the events page (hyperlink) for further details on the events as they are announced.






In Phase 1, we will gather information to guide the development of the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Economic Development Strategy and Local Waterfront Redevelopment Plan.  The team will collect information about existing conditions, past studies and initiatives and develop a set of city wide base maps.  We will speak with municipal staff from a variety of departments as well as members of the public and community stakeholders to hear various perspectives on what they like about the community, what could be done better, and how they envision the Troy of the future. This phase will help frame and focus the analysis to be conducted in phase 2.


After gaining a broad range of community perspectives through phase one consultation, we will conduct a detailed analysis related to a series of important city building themes including: the economy, demographics and key employment sectors, education, neighborhoods and housing, mobility, open space, recreation and culture, social wellbeing, the environment, land use policy, planned and current initiatives, the downtown and waterfront. This analysis will result in a series of background papers which will form part of the range of vision topics to be explored through phase 3.


In this phase, we will engage the broad community in a range of visioning workshops and focus group discussions aimed at identifying key city strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities which should be explored for the future.  These sessions will be followed by theme-based discussions and workshops to obtain community feedback on important city building themes. Our team will use a range of engagement techniques including social media to ensure a broad cross-section of Troy’s citizens can provide input into the discussions about the future.


Based on the outcomes of the City Summit and broad based visioning, the team will prepare a range of draft plan materials associated with the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Economic Development Strategy and Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.  This will include a comprehensive vision for the future, a community needs assessment, a framework of strategic city wide recommendations including big moves and place-specific strategies supported by initial implementation strategies including policy and other action strategies to achieve the vision.  Draft plan materials will be reviewed with the community through public open houses, focus group sessions and other consultation events prior to the development and finalization of all plan components in early 2016.


The following individuals play an advisory role in the development of the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Economic Strategy and Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. We appreciate their participation and thoughtful input.


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